"Changing communities ONE BEAT AT A TIME: Drum Café West Canada's philanthropic events."


Drum Café Foundation supports music as a force for building strong communities. We believe music and dance are tools to raise awareness and inspire creative solutions. The Foundation's Event Grants are focused on empowering people to communicate through music for improving societies. These grants support eligible nonprofit organizations and educational institutions locally with performances and interactive activities that focus on inspiring solutions to issues through the use of hand drums, dance, song and innovative collaborations.

Drum Café philosophy – UBUNTU

An age old Zulu phrase literally meaning: "Through a collective experience we unite and grow." We, as a human race are only as strong as our brothers and sisters in our community. The success of our community is through compassion and support. It is with this in mind that we would like to support our local charities.

If you are seeking support and are an none profit organization that focuses on metal health, troubled youth organizations or on the well being of your community through arts and culture please continue...
Apply for Support
Each year, Drum Café receives hundreds of requests for support. In order to streamline the process and accelerate our response time, we have implemented a mandatory form application process for all donation requests by community organizations like yours.

Kindly submit your request at least three months before the start-up of activities related to your event or project.

In addition to our charitable events Drum Café also support a wide range of commercial and activities, in the areas of business, sports, arts & culture and community. These events allow us to be active in the communities we serve and provide integrated marketing support for key strategic initiatives. Drum Café will consider sponsorship proposals that provide Drum Café with the exploitable commercial benefits with include, but not limited to:

  • Image Fit
  • Measurable benefits
  • Media/advertising support
  • Significant reach
  • Industry exclusivity
  • Hospitality
  • Incremental sales
  • Cross promotions
  • Exhibit space
  • Ability to leverage

In addition to the sponsorship benefits we are looking for new and creative ways to extend our brand into events that support the lifestyle choices of our customers and employees. Because we receive hundreds of proposals, think outside of the box and send us a sponsorship opportunity that get our attention.

Please allow at least 6 weeks to properly assess each opportunity.

Only performances will be considered in local Vancouver and Calgary areas. Email Us!