"Audiences fall in love with our hands on team building activities."

The Drum Café experience starts when we arrive at your venue and begin unloading drum after drum. Who's going to play them? How about 200 accountants! How about 50 corporate executives! How about 700 secondary school scholars! Your group – whether they're students, employees or management – enters the room to find a drum on each chair. A few awkward glances are exchanged as our leader and his team begin to beat their instruments. In no time, the awkward glances are replaced by smiles, and the drumming team has grown to include not just the professionals, but everyone in the room. Before long, the room is in perfect harmony, a harmony specifically devised to carry over into your group's day-to-day activities.

Fun team building activities that inspire any group.
Our team's experience with Drum Café is not just as musicians and entertainers, but also as motivational speakers. Our educational and corporate drumming events help each executive, each employee and each student understand and appreciate chemistry, teamwork and their role in promoting a healthy and functioning corporate or academic community.

Our educational and corporate drumming events are unforgettable.
The smiles that spread around the room during our team bonding activities will stay on your group's faces long after Drum Café has left the building. Our clients talk about us for days and book us again and again. When we bring our hands on team building activities to your group, we're not just filling time – we're entertaining your group, we provoking thought and we're leaving a lasting impression.

Six good reasons to have Drum Café West Canada at your next event:

Your time is tight – we'll squeeze motivation and education out of every minute. Agendas are packed. You need something that delivers a powerful experience in an hour or less that reaches deep enough to stay will your team throughout the conference and long after they've gone.

Great value, great return on investment - Budgets are tight, yet you still need to top what you did last year and look good doing it! For the cost of a keynote speaker, a Drum Café experience not only drives return-on-investment by the numbers, but consistently weighs in at the top of every conference evaluation.

It's personalized and meaningful to your group - Every Drum Café program is customized to support our clients' specific business and meeting objectives

It's engaging and interactive - Audience participation doesn't get any better than this! Every attendee – whether there are 5 or 5,000 – will get a drum to play! And the drum is a tool like no other in its ability to provoke emotion, thought, raw energy and spirit!

It's practical - Any experiential program is only as good as its practical application back at work. Remember Confucius: "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." This is why people talk about their Drum Café experience long after the conference ends.

Most of all, it's fun! - It goes without saying that we all need an opportunity to let off some steam, have some fun and connect with our fellow colleagues in an energizing, entertaining way that helps to regenerate the senses, put the smiles back on our faces, and remind all of us that we are human … and we all know laughter is some pretty potent medicine!